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Torque Limiter

A torque limiter is a mechanical device designed to protect mechanical equipment and systems from damage due to excessive torque. It operates by limiting the amount of torque that can be transmitted through a drive system. When the preset torque level is exceeded, the torque limiter will either slip (allowing the drive elements to rotate without transmitting the excess torque) or disengage the drive, thus preventing further torque transmission and potential damage.

Our Mechanical Torque Limiters

A mechanical torque limiter is installed between the output of the gear reducer and the driven shaft to protect the gear set in the event of overload in the conveyor system. The coupling bore is designed for the transmission output shaft and main drive shaft. Elastomers transmit torque without play or vibration.

typical application:

  • Accurate positioning
  • Controlled acceleration
  • Controlled deceleration
  • High inertia start/stop
  • Inching/jogging


Torque Limiter

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Features of Torque Limiter

Torque limiters, also known as overload clutches, are designed to protect mechanical systems and components from overload or damage. Their features vary depending on the specific design and application, but here are some common characteristics:

Torque Setting Adjustability

Many torque limiters allow users to adjust the torque setting, enabling them to set the precise level at which the device will engage to prevent overload.

Types of Operation

  • Friction-Based: These use friction discs that slip beyond a certain torque, thus limiting the torque transmitted.
  • Ball-Detent System: This type uses balls that disengage from their seats when the preset torque is exceeded, interrupting the torque transmission.
  • Shear Pin: Involves a pin that shears off at a predetermined torque level to disconnect the drive.

Automatic Reset

Some designs can automatically reset after activation, while others may require manual resetting or replacement of components like a shear pin.

Material and Construction

Typically made from robust materials like steel to withstand high torque levels and harsh operating conditions. The construction must ensure durability and reliability.

High-Speed Operation Capability

  • Many torque limiters are designed to operate effectively at high rotational speeds.


Some designs offer minimal or zero backlash, which is important in precision applications where angular positioning is critical.

Torque Limiter Types

Torque limiters, crucial for protecting mechanical equipment from overload and potential damage, come in various types. Each type is designed to operate under different conditions and for specific applications. Here’s an overview of the common types of torque limiters:

Friction-Type Torque Limiters

  • How They Work: These limiters rely on friction between contact surfaces. When the preset torque limit is exceeded, the friction surfaces slip, allowing relative motion between the driving and driven elements.
  • Applications: Commonly used in conveyors, packaging machines, and in applications where re-engagement is required without manual resetting.
  • Advantages: They can be adjusted for different torque settings and offer a smooth and gradual overload protection.

Ball Detent Torque Limiters

  • How They Work: This design uses balls seated in detents between two plates. When the torque exceeds a certain level, the balls are pushed out of the detents, allowing the plates to slip and disengage.
  • Applications: Ideal for heavy-duty applications and often used in machinery like presses, where accurate torque control is crucial.
  • Advantages: Provides a clean, rapid disengagement and re-engagement without significant damage to the torque limiter components.

Shear Pin Torque Limiters

  • How They Work: A shear pin holds the two parts of the limiter together. Under excess torque, the pin shears, disconnecting the drive from the load.
  • Applications: Used in applications where overload conditions are infrequent and immediate disconnection is necessary.
  • Advantages: Simplicity and low cost. The shear pin design is straightforward and easy to repair by simply replacing the pin.

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We use only the highest quality materials in our products, ensuring they can withstand demanding conditions and deliver consistent performance. Our manufacturing processes adhere to strict quality control standards, guaranteeing the durability and reliability of our torque limiters.

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Our product line covers a broad spectrum of torque limiter types, including friction-based, ball-detent, and shear pin models, catering to various industries and applications. This diversity ensures that customers can find the exact product to match their requirements.

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